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Prop Shaft/Main Shaft machining???

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We finished tearing down the broken drive today and found the cause to be a broken (into 4 pieces) Pinion gear.
Unfortunately, when it broke, it also damaged the splines on the vertical mainshaft.

This is where the trouble starts. Being as this is a B-Max 2" shorty, I can't just go get a shaft anywhere. I called the West coast guy for these and he is saying that there aren't any,, as in NONE availible. I tried to call the Bravo Shop (place that makes the Bmax drives) and they aren't answering their phones or emails.

With all this being said, Its looking like the only course of action if going to be for me to have some machined. I know there are a few people that are on here do machining. Any suggestions or takers?
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Hey Don, Try Max machine worx here in Havasu - Jayson may have one. Text Yellow Purple Font Line

(928) 505-7860

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Machining it wouldn't be that big of a deal.. but they used certain materials that are hardened to certain rockwells etc.. You'd have to find all that stuff out.

It wouldn't be cheap to make one of them.. As in it'd be hellaciously expensive (just letting ya know up front.)

PM me if MM doesn't have them.
If it is just the splines it should be repairable
Try Bergeron marine in mesa,they should know wheres theres one.
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