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[HR][/HR]This is an original RacePak G2x system that was installed in a Dodge Ram 2500 diesel truck for intercooler testing. When the system was removed, everything worked. It has been sitting for some time. As such, it is being sold AS IS. $1700.

The complete system includes:

G2x main unit with 128mb CF card installed.
G2x Dash display unit
GPS receiver
RPM connector
Power Cable
V-NET main cable
V-NET extension cable
1 x 220-VS-TR300 Temperature V-NET module with 0-300 temp sensor (liquid or air)
2 x 220-VS-75GVT Pressure V-NET module with 0-75psi pressure sensor
3 x 230-VM-TC-600 Temperature V-NET module with 0-600*F thermocouple
1 x 220-VP-TC-EGT1 EGT Temp V-NET module with 0-1800*F thermocouple

Known issues are:

The IC-TEMP-OUT sensor cable sheath is melted in one spot. It did not go through the inner sheath, but the outer yellow sheath is blemished. See pictures.
The IC-PRESS-OUT sensor cable sheath is also melted in one spot (these two were installed side by side and both rested on the turbo compressor housing). See pictures.
The GPS housing is broken. This did not affect it's function, but nothing lives in the sun in Las Vegas inside a vehicle for long. See pictures.
The display screen is scuffed. Not really sure how this happened as it was installed inside the truck, but it is scuffed. Looks bad in the pictures, but when lit up, you almost don't notice it.

Includes software, installation manual, sensor setup sheets, original box and paperwork. I am the original owner. Ask any questions prior to purchase.


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