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raising outdrive

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a friend of mine is grounded and stuck- asked me to get on the computer and ask how you manually raise the outdrive on a 98 mercruiser 5.7
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please before he gets too drunk
Disconnect the rams from the outdrive and tie it up.
or loosen the hydraulic hose on each ram then raise it up by hand. then tighten the nuts back up. It will be a little messy with the hydraulic fliud but should do the trick.
any way you could call him and talk him through it? I am not there and and don't know the lingo- he is Joe at 3363394890
he understood --thanks very much!!
he understood --thanks very much!!
I would have him put a c-clamp on each ram just to make sure it doesn't bleed back down.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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