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My dad has owned a 1968 Sanger for over 20 years. And over the years not much has been done to it. It wasn't until last year that we decided to go blown. So we go get the engine done and we have tons of problems with the engine builder and a performance shop. Just recently done business with RB Props I give him a call to see if he knows any engine builders, he did. RB himself called and lined up everything for the engine, and it gets done in 2 weeks instead of 6 months because the businesses he deals with including himself haul the mail. Later we go to drop the engine in and find a crack in the stringer. We found some glass shops to see if they can just fix the crack, but it would cost us more money we didn't have. Again I call RB and he should us how to fix the crack. The repair gets done quick, and now we need to order all new parts. We order the parts from RB and they get there the next day, not next week, and doesn't forget about us, and its the right part. When he sells you parts, he doesn't sell parts for a sale, he sells the part, and then stays on the phone while your putting it in until it's done. Also the quality of RB Props parts are the best around that money can buy, no junk. About a year ago was my first time business with RB Props, we had a bad vibration in our boat, and he knew exactly what caused the vibration, the prop. We put the new prop on and made a few speed passes and it cured our vibration problem. RB Props is a class act shop that know what their doing, and the people that run it are some of the kindest people around. They even bought us lunch when we were over there, not many companies do that.

Thanks RB Props for all your help.
Justin Perkins
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Do they have a website or phone #?

Hey Dave I'm pretty sure he's talking about Ron Braksma
Hey Sangerman,

Now that you have your boat re-built, drag your dad and mom up to Pine Flat. We'll have a room available for them and plenty of room for the rest of you all. Say hi to your folks, in any case.

Funny story: Your dad's boat was the first real "hot" boat I ever rode in.. The acceleration blew my mind and dash nearly "dented" my mind when he let of the gas the first time... Never knew how much drag was on a 90 mph boat-- My face literally smacked the "Sanger" emblem.. :)devil...

Think I'll pass on a ride now that it's big, bad and blown... yeah-right..

Neil Robertson
Ron is a great guy to do business with very helpful and willing to meet you anytime so that your schedule can be kept with work.He has also spent a lot of time on phone and in person answering all of my dumb questions.I will always go to Ron with my business.Tom
We do business with Ron all the time. He does not waste any time. There is no B.S. in this man. Great to deal with.
I recently had a prop cleaned, checked, and balanced by Ron. I would agree, great guy and great service.
I'd think this was a paid testimonial if I didn't know that RB really is the man!
Great guy to deal with. Im on the east coast and get parts fast. Going to purchase a new prop from ron next week.
Link doesn't work

I recently had a prop cleaned, checked, and balanced by Ron. I would agree, great guy and great service.
Link doesn't work
I mean no offense here, but this post was from over a decade ago. Ron has died. Worrying about his site not being active is the least of our heartaches regarding him.
You can try to get a hold of Bill Diez, I THINK he took over the shop after Ron's passing. Hes a good dude, but I'm not sure what hes up to these days.
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