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for a Ford 460. It developed a pretty consistent external leak at the front water jacket. Tightened as much as possible but wouldn't go away. Just wondering what's best to replace them with. Or will any old Fel-Pros, Edelbrocks, Mr Gasket do from my local speed shop?

Some details:

Not a hot rod, just cruiser with a little extra HP
Iron heads
Performer RPM manifold
Ports have some work. Measure about 2" W X 2.25" H

It's a jet (obviously) so there's the concern for excess pressure pushing through which did happen when I first bought the boat 9 years ago. Since that incident, I installed a regulator and haven't had the problem again.

From what I've been reading, the metal core gaskets are not best choice for marine applications. That's what I currently have. Victor Reinz jobs that don't match the ports very well.

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