Hey guys, Its time that I dip my toes into the Performance boat arena. But Im looking for something quite specific when it comes to hulls and I think i will need your guy's help.
Im looking for a Scarab 3 33ft or a Scarab 38 1988-1998
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It's been a dream for about 10 years now from when I got to see my first poker race in FL. All of my friends here in Seattle have Yachats, slow floating million dollar money pits. For me I'm looking for the wow factor if im going to throw money in to something

A one of a kind old Miami vice vibe....a Loud, fast statement peice from the past.

If anyone that know anyone or has one forsale please shoot me a email or call.

Also any links to any rebuilds please let me know too. I have been scouring the web for info on these 2 hulls.

Thank you!