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Redline performance

Is Brian Diaz over off of Dover/Port in lake Havasu

928 855-1734.

He always has great deal on parts and service


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÷קmᮆÚš×÷;294154 said:
isnt that the guy that riped a few peeps off over on HB?

Like Gary Taylor for a fuel pump ????

From HB

I normally don't like to internet bash, but this has to be said! I started a thread like this last Thursday, but I removed it because the scammer(BRIAN DIAZ) aka SANGSTER10 asked me to please remove it from the forums.

Here are the factual events:

SANGSTER10(Brian Diaz) was selling an Aeromotive pump in the Spam section in early November. We agreed on a purchase price of $310, and SANGSTER10 asked me to mail him a money order for the full amount so he could have it on Friday, as he was going racing(my first mistake). He said he would send the pump out Monday. I figured I would have the pump by Nov 18th at the very latest. Nope! So I e-mail him,,,,,,,,,,"Where is my pump, how about a tracking number"? He states, you havent received it yet? I will go to the shop and get the tracking number.,,,,,,,,,Another week passes, I send another e-mail,,,,,,,,"Where is my pump and where is the tracking number? Nothing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,then a few days later I get an e-mail that says,,,,,,,,,,,,You should have received it by now?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. So now I am starting to get the hint. I send an e-mail stating I want to know where the pump is and why cant he give me the damn tracking number(Its December now). I start sending e-mails asking for info, with no reply. Several e-mails over another week,,,,,,,,,,,,,nothing. So last Thursday rolls around and I decide that since SANGSTER10(Brian Diaz) does not want to man up and send me the pump or refund my money or contact me, that I am going to start a thread and tell everyone my position(This was last Thursday). So I hit the submit button, and within four(4) minutes, he is trying to contact me and square this thing away! Asking me to please delete the thread, and he will refund my money IMMEDIATELY! I deleted my post and agreed that he could next day air me my refund for Saturday delivery 10:30am.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
No check,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,NO Call,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Nothing! So at 11:00am Saturday I called him and he says "My wife sent you the check, the fastest shipping possible, but she is at the store. When she returns I will call you back and let you know what is happening..............................NO PHONE CALL<<<<<<<<<<NO E_MAIL<<<<<<<<NOTHING!!!!!!! So here we are Monday and UPS has come, my mail has also come, Fed ex has been here and nothing. So now, this thread will run until I get refunded!

To all of my Havasu Clients and Friends that have not received the info I sent out on this guy, PM me for details.

Hot Boat Moderators, ,,,,,,,,You guys know me,,,,,,,,,,,,I have been on these boards for over 3 years(as GT) and I would not post garbage. This guy(SANGSTER10) is trying to sell several different things on the site(MILL/Shorty Headers) and I do not want any one else getting screwed! Please let the thread run. These are factual events.

SANGSTER10(BRIAN DIAZ) You picked the wrong guy to [email protected]#$ with!
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