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riddle me this

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the point of fuel injection is to get the fuel as close to the combustion chamber as possible...right? I mean, I know there are other reasons...but that is one of the main ones. right?

So in blown set up, why bother running EFI above the blower?

my follow up question a draw thru Turbo set up, can you run a wet nitrous system into the manifold, or will it not be able to inject say 7 pounds pressure of fuel into a 10 pound pressure of boost and cause a lean out?
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another benefit would be tune up, weather changes during the day
how many peeps change their jets during a day at the lake or during a race day for that matter. if you boat at different places or at different temps, a good EFI system will be on tune every time.

how many carb guys can get a perfect tune throughout the entire
rpm range?

strictly power, not much difference
overall power, fuel consumption ,drive ability EFI wins every time.

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