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River boats? Lake boats? Which one is this hull?

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I know I should get better pictures, hoping someone recognizes this hull!

I read posts saying that a particular boat may be better suited to a river and another is better for a lake. What determines this? Layup? I have a boat that I intend to run on a river, and would like to know if it really matters. Also can anyone identify this hull and give me an idea of a reasonably safe top speed as is? I have only had it in the water once, but it wouldn't run good enough to plane out. Right now I'm just waiting to afford the imco gunnel tanks. Oh yeah, jacuzzi wj, no ride plate, loader( I think), no diverter.


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Looks like a Tahiti /kona .I have had mine just about every where but the ocean and it performs well . As far as top speed high seventies without any bottom tuning and you should be safe.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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