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could someone give a quick rundown of the racers at the last race and who ran what and so on.

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Great Event, great turnout! We had 74 boats. Several boats running 2 and 3 classes.

Tony Scarlatta won 6.0
Arek Stromenger Runner Up 6.0

Tim Goodwin won 8.0
Ken Gorecki Runner up 8.0

Corey Hallberg won 9.0
Ben Wurstger Runner up 9.0

Sam Villavicencio won 10.0
Mike Munoz Runner up 10.0

Tom Bandy Won Super Eliminator
Sam Villavicencio Runner up Super Eliminator

Zach Rauscher won UBFJ
Mike DeClark runner up UBFJ

Kelly Rhead won PGF
Roger Roadstrom Runner up PGF

Kevin Cornelius won UBGH
Josh Hayden runner up UBGH

Vic Esposito ran TAH and ran a 5.33

Mike Barnes Won PUF
Mike Torgerson Runner up PUF

Willis Johns Won BGJ
Don Rhodes Runner up BGJ

Kjell Adams won PGJ
Adams Simmons Runner up PGJ

Mike Declark Ripped off a 3.79 to the 1/8 in testing late on Sunday in F Bomb

Jerry Hicks had a motor shut off at about the 660 mark, boat took a couple hops and then spun out and sank. Jerry went in the water. Boat sank unfortunately, but luckily Jerry was ok and checked out by the Paramedics on site. Boat is seeming ok as well, really no damage that can be seen. When it spun out it took a wave over the transom and sank. Very glad to see that everything will be ok with Jerry and he will be back next year to race with us.

Thanks Again to everyone who attended the Mike Fry Memorial Race. Great weekend and thanks to Rex Childers for cooking tacos for everyone Saturday night. See you guys in October for the Final race of the NJBA 2015 Season!
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