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Rush was DEAD ON!

As far as Rush goes, I can take him or leave him as sometimes he is "over the top" for me personally.

But as it goes, Rush was "dead on" with one of his predictions. He predicted in December of 2011 that the employment rate would "magically fall" below 8% in Sept/Oct of this year, just in time for the elections. This FACT was brought up on his show last Friday and this can be "replayed" and verified on his web site. REASON/FACT: No president has EVER been re-elected when the U.S. employment rate was above the 8% mark.

I literally weep as the ignorant Dems celebrate this number as an accomplishment, when in verifiable reality, the only reason the unemployment rate fell is because so many of the unemployed Americans have simply given up and have QUIT looking for work, therefore they are no longer counted in this "bogus" rate which was released last Thursday.
FACT: The fewer the number of people included in the "work force", severely skews the percentage of the number of people employed as the total number of people included in the work force base has declined more drastically than the number of people who actually found employment. Now how do we currently determine the number of people who have "given up" and are not included in the "work force numbers".....It is a "Judgement Call"..... :bangmyhead:

In reality, as responsible/responsible citizens are aware, the "U6" real unemployment rate remains STEADY at 14.7%
Portal Seven | U6 Unemployment Rate
May God help us!
(Please forgive me DEMS for saying "May God help us", as the majority of you do not want to include God in your party's platform. I sure do not want to offend anyone...on second thought...., to Hell with you!)
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