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Best of both worlds!!!!! Side tanks are baffled and trap doored so you will not lose fuel pressure!!! 8" round and 60" long they have return lines plumbed into the top of them also. the center tank is 10" round and 22" long. this is plumbed to fill the side tanks with 16AN lines the center tank is also plumbed with return line holes the center tank is also baffled so you can run it as a race tank. The center tank holds 7 gallons. The best part of the is system is that you will never have any gas/alky expand out on to the hull and destory your paint. I used this system with both fuels and it worked great. I have brackets and most of the lines for the complete system. $650.00 obo if you go to look at pics under Jeff Green and you can see the top tank mounted in the boat I will add pics next week of the complete system thanks

contact me with any offers or trades.



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