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SB stroker engines

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Anyone out have any experience with T and L Engines from Charlotte, NC or Herbert Racing Engines in Lincolnton, NC. I've been looking for a replacement boat engine and want to step up to a 383 or higher with 425 or more H/P to run a jet boat. Located in Williamsburg, VA area and would like to work with someone from the area. Both T and L and Herbert have some good looking engines, just not sure how well they will work in a boat. Welcome any recommendations for builders/suppliers.
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I'm currently building a 383 stroker for my '68 Cheetah. With parts I'm using,will be pushing 425+ HP.Most of my parts came from Summit,Jeg's and Doug Herbert.

Thanks for the response. I know there are several ways of getting there via Summit, Jegs and other parts supplier. Still looking for anyone that has had a good experience with a local builder in the Southeast.
Best of luck with your build, drop a note when your done, I'd like to hear how well it worked out.
I have a 406" SBC pump gas motor that I may be looking to part with soon. It's a 10:1 engine with aluminum intake and steel dart heads that have been worked, and has a .632" roller cam.

It has pushed my 3600 pound camaro through the 1/4 mile at 10.90 @123 on street tires and through mufflers. Never been on a dyno, but I would estimate it to be around 500-550hp.

It ain't anything beautiful, but that could be changed with a little prep and paint. I dont know anything about jet boats, so not sure how well it would work in there, but let me know if you are interested.
How much you looking to sell it for and where you located? Thanks
When buying a motor for a boat. You have to make sure that it's for a boat. The tollerances(sp) are different in a boat. With a high reving small block the beerings and the rings need to be looser along with the lash. Why dont you go to a big block.
How much you looking to sell it for and where you located? Thanks
I would think it would be worth around $5k. Its in Richmond VA, and still in the car. Feel free to PM if anyone is interested!

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