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Iam building a stroker engine and need advice on head gaskets. Here is what I have

sbc bored to 4.030
scat stroker crank 1pc.rms 3.75 stroke
5.7 h beam rods arp cap screws
probe -10 cc pistons
.00 deck height
64cc chamber aluminum procomp heads that where fully gone through by shop
comp cams extreme marine 270 cam
through the hull exhaust.
affordable injection mpfi with o2 sensors
alpha 1 gen 2 1:47 with a 15 x25 four blade ss prop

my question is what head gaskets to run for good compression and still be able to run pump gas. I did a compression calc. And it's saying it will be like 11:1 with .040 gaskets and I was thinking that that is to much. I just don't know. So I need help to pick the bore and thickness for what iam running. Thx
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