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Hi folks. It's been a while since I've been on here. And hey Old Rigger! Over the summer 2021 my friend and I rebuilt my 1970 Schuster 19' Torino Tahiti. This jetboat is my pride and joy and we rebuilt it with lots of heart and lots of early Saturday or Sunday's. We brought my vision into reality. I made this video myself using Filmora using all the pics and videos I took along the way.
I had originally made it for friends on Facebook, and to thank my friend George for helping using his expertise. We built the A frame you'll see just for this project. Take a look at my video and see what you think.

The video shows the process from beginning to end. We used Durabak 18 non slip to roll the floor after replacing floor and fiberglassing. Marine epoxy paint royal blue bought at San Diego marine, cant remember the brand. Berkeley 12JG A impeller . Engine Chevelle LS6 roller motor. 9.9 to 1. C 454 intake . Mechanical secondary Holly 850. We made a custom beefy bracket that straddles the engine stringers to hold the Mr. Cool heat exchanger. It fits nice and snug, and has a strainer as well. We added stainless steel 3/8 thick plates to bolster engine mounts at stringers, I'll post a picture of that later. I also added a GPS speedometer. All instruments are Faria. The Plastic Guy in Sacramento California made my sky blue windshield. I sent him my old one in 8 pieces. He told me that he has had people send him windshields in as many as 35 pieces lol. Amazing what they do there. While rebuilding my jet drive I had the parts blasted and powder coated. The reverse bucket handle I had rechromed. Logs polished. Got rid of the bench seats because we couldn't stay put lol with the way we drive this thing. Added bucket seats. We plumed and wired everything ourselves. Electric water pump to circulate engine coolant. Approximately 5 gallons in all. High torque starter. I always run 2 batteries even though the video only shows one. I restored the cast Tahiti tiki head bages on both sides. I love this heavy boat with its 8 foot beam, it's so stable, and with this new engine it gets up out of the hole quick. We saw 70 mph so far but haven't opened it up yet. Still breaking in. Just thought I'd share my rebuild of this rare beauty. I love this machine.
P.S. It's always doubled as my power plant for my water jetpack that I built in 2014. We fly again this summer.
Heres a video I made in summer of 2020.

I'll be happy to answer any questions. 馃憡
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