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Scorpion aluminum jet boat

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neat but that wheel is THE GAY.... I wonder how much a used outlaw eagle would cost

Edit: I just looked.. They are pretty pricy...
I know it looks like a eagle but if it is why is it called a scorpion?

a new eagle is like 40 - 60 G's..
Eagle sells their hulls to some builders who will finish out the boat, scorpion must be one of them. Gator boats in MO also uses eagle hulls.
But why

is that jet boat pilot's seat so far inboard?
Never heard of the "Scorpion" designation but thats definitely an Eagle hull. Love that reverse dash look LOL (The offset dash is supposed to put the drivers side closer to the seat for wheel access etc but they often were rigged "backwards" and that one is. The fact it appears to have been built for "more common" right hand drive means it may have origionally been built for Gator in MO - or based on one of their models anyway)

Also very hard to tell in those pics but Im thinking thats a delta bottom 21 Sport, not a Steptec and its def not a tunnel. Either way not a "standard model for Eagle, especially with the wrap around tunnel style cowling

Where the price is sitting now thats a steal

Thanks for stopping by!

Good info. at a great price!!!
They went out of business a few years ago. I have a Gator, one of the re-fabricated Eagles. There was a third company called Shoalrunner. All three of these Eagle modifiers were near each other in MO. I believe only Gator is still producing boats. I paid about 22k for my 20' pro style bass boat. Won 46 bass tournaments with it so far to help off-set the cost.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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