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Shasta water level watch!!!!

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So I just got off Shasta link and lake was at 174 ft down and still dropping .....

Come on Mother Nature !!!!!! TUNNEL T
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This is normally our early and late season destination as it is always (usually) better weather conditions than it is up here in Oregon. It was pretty bleak water conditions this year though. Being a snowmobiler also I'm hoping for some northern California weather blasts soon also! It's gotta come eventually. ...Right?
I'm sure someone down there is tired of the rain, but let's hope it keeps coming!
When does Shasta start having warm 80-90 degree weather? The cold rainy weather up north is getting depressing..
When has it been cold and rainy? There is no snow, you Detroit people better be praying for the cold and rain to get here soon. Otherwise you gonna be down on the river with me cause there is no water in you chitty little lake! For what it's worth. I think we are shasta bound for memorial weekend. Not sure of the details yet but it should be a fun trip.
For the last four summers that's our first trip.. We usually camp at lake head or antlers. I'm sure this year won't be any different. But we do have a bunch of people heading up there the weekend before so...... You guys get a house boat or camp?
We'll camp at the RV park across from the Basshole in the motorhome. Unless we manage to get a pile of snow between now and then we'll be there.
I just saw the possible flood alert. Be interesting to see how this plays out.

Hourly shows its came up another 2 feet since 5am this morning.
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Supposedly it's raining there now and supposed to again Sunday but who knows if that's true. I'm sure a local will tell us.
GRRR..... LOOKS LIKE THEY PULLED THE PLUG. Maybe we can catch one more storm!!!???
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The entire west is in water trouble this summer. Our reservoirs are at 1/3 capacity or less, and there isn't a drop of snow to refill them. I'd hope that this year teaches the morons at the state to do things a bit different. There was ZERO need to dump them last year and they did it anyway.
What weather website do you locals watch that is most accurate and what city do you search? Lakehead seems to show far different than Redding.
So is the Lakehead forecast typically pretty good, or does redding seem to be a bit more accurate for what to expect on the lake?
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