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Best to All!
Hoping for a little feedback and help-
bought A Cat , came with Jeff Blosdale built 496ci, solid components, w/ bm250, and 250 intercooler, tore down for
sprung leak in intercooler core( since replaced)
Question, pulled out a worn out HYD flat tappet cam, I can read "Babe" on it Im assuming Babe Erson, Sig's son?
Also looks like: 300H DP HYD. Also see B12, or R 12, lastly a ( 3 digit number) , Looks like 401, AND eitehr a 3 or 5 digit number cant make it all out, last 3 digits are 364
with these pics; hoping someone out there,
would possibly know the specs,
Looked and called everywhere I can, not much luck. Thanks


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