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is it white? like pure white? I can get pure white golf sand. But ya that is good looking sand and a decent price. I like the palm trees, little short for a hammock tho:D:D
it has a slight pink/tan tint...
I got talked out of the pure white after try'n to look at in the sunlight....

the palms are the fat cal palms... figured theyed grow fast enough
and I only had to dig a 5 gal hole

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Yep.. my son and I did it with a bob cat
Make sure to put an auto sprinkler with a sensor to scare away the cats...we had a small sand pit at the new house and boy did I get rid of that fast after seeing multiple cats taking a break in our yard..

I got a new idea for you to make even more money Steve...why not build a cottage in your back yard and sell vacation packages, Your back yard is a mini resort that is for sure...I don't think I would ever leave....:D:))THumbsUp
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