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Squash the Fun Choose Safety07/26/2015

If you’ve been getting any boating in lately you must be an early riser our typical 3:00 p.m. afternoon thunderstorms have been kind of unpredictable. The daily storms have struck at noon and others hitting us twice a day. They have packed a punch with tons of lightning and wind which is not the weather to be floating about on the waterways.

These storms are not news to Floridians but we’d like to remind boaters to take heed and respect these storms. You would think everyone would use caution and common sense but the truth is we’ve experienced these daily storms for so long we tend to think they’ll pass with no big deal.

When we were up at Silver Glen and the rumbles of the approaching storm were in the distance we knew it was time to head out even though we had sun above us. Some boaters immediately started heading out of the springs others ignored the sounds of the storm. Surrounded by trees the dark approaching skies were not very visible but once we made it half way across Lake George and turned to our rear view we could see significant dark storms moving in. Unfortunately crossing Lake George during storms in the past has resulted in loss of life for boaters. It’s a big lake that experiences high wind and large waves when storms pass through.

As the dark skies seemed to follow closely behind us we noticed boaters still heading in to Lake George and heading for the springs. No one likes weather to wreck their day of boating fun but the risk is not worth sinking your boat or facing an emergency.

We live in a state where you can boat nearly 52 weeks a year so we always heed the weather believe me we used to be those people who thought we could beat the storm but after ten years boating we have learned our lesson. Sometimes you can’t avoid it but when given a choice squash the fun and choose a safe day of boating.

This weekend looks to be a washout but maybe the weatherman is wrong we’ll keep a close eye on the forecast and just maybe we’ll catch a break and enjoy some boating fun.

May your next adventure in boating find you facing fare weather but if not…squash the fun and head home safely.

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