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Steering pulleys

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quick question, I have a hall craft steering set up and 2 of the pulleys on the cable tensioner bracket seem like they need to be replaced and I’m wondering where can I get just the pulleys ? I have two small ones that are 2.5 inches and two that are 3.5 inches across, I pressed in new bushing on two of them but the other two seem like the hole that was originally drilled in the pulley was waaay off and drilled crooked no matter how I try to press a new bushing in , it always screws the bushing up and I tried to sand the inside hole of the pulley just to get it straight but if I go anymore I don’t think the new bushing will be tight in the pulley so I’m trying to find a couple of pulleys and haven’t been able to thanks for any help, one of the big pulleys is bad and one of the small pulleys is bad I’m sure I can make it work but if I can find a new ones that would be better thanks .
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I had better luck looking up "pulley sheaves"
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