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In my finishing someone elses project, I got the boat running and took it to the water had I known that this was the virgin trip I would have brought the wine bottle luckly its not a complete succuss yet. The board (my wife) has givin me a little more time and a green light on funding with limitions to keep going, but she wants a ride before end of season, that being said I've attached some pictures of my unorthidoxed boat.
-issue number one exhaust gets to hot it comes out from the manifolds drops down and goes about 3 feet each go into the muffler then runs out 4 feet in one pipe out the back, it is wraped but was hot enough to start cooking the plywood deck above it. Is there a wet exhaust manifold for a ford V6 or could I "Y" the two exhausts together after the o2 sensor and take 2" stainless and slide a 3" over it and run water threw it or try to get more air venting it any ideas would be much appreciated.
-issue number two powerglide trannys run to hot there is a tranny cooler cooled by electric fan but they still got to about 180 degress, so I was thinking about welding up a box for the coolers and running water through them to keep cooler. If all goes well i'd love to drop them out and put in some velvet drives but I'm on a budget for now witch leads me to my next thing the props are a Fedarel make and one is a 15 12 LH and the other is a 15 12 RH what ratio should I look for 1:1. Sorry to make you read so much but I need a lot of guidence, Thanks for any help Brent


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