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I was having problems loosing prime after letting the fuel level get low or slowing down fast after a high speed run and then having to bleed the fuel lines to get the air out, so I went with this submersible fuel pump to prime the system until the big mechanical pump takes over. As everyone knows pumps like to push rather than draw fuel.

I stuck it inside a section of 1 1/2" stainless tubing and mounted it in through the fuel level gauge hole. The pump was only $ 114. from Summit. It is a common unit that did several different EFI applications. It came with this maxipad looking filter that snaps on the bottom.

I've got a few outings on it now and have to report that it has worked great.
Builds 45# pressure in a fraction of a second. I just operate it with a toggle switch on the dash and after the engine gets running the mechanical pump does everything.
Even though I need EFI fuel pressure I don't see why this wouldn't work fine for a carb setup.
Getting rid of the old stand alone fuel pump cleaned up the clutter inside the boat where space is tight.

Here's all you see now,

The gauge is for my header backpressure.
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