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Huge thanks to Chris Davidson and the Performance Boats staff and of course Brad Schoenwald the events main coordinator and sponsor.

Brad put on a great race at a great location, as well as a series of happening parties at the Gulfstream complex.

After being hounded for months Chris finally succumbed and I got an invite to hang out with he and crew for the weekend and I had a fantastic time.

Couple of picts one of the classic battle between piston and turbine with Miss Geico and the beautiful Cintron boat going at it as well as a few of the hotel, and hotties. The hardware onsite was enough to make any guy turgid.

Spending time with these guys is not only informative but a riot as well, and I think Im going to need plastic surgery to wipe the smile from my face, and Ill be amazed if Alexi Sahagian owner of Boostpower doesn't send me a bill for all the questions he put up with me asking about his wicked mills.

If my olfactory nerves manage to heal from a weekend of blunt force trauma I'm going to do whatever it takes to be invited back.

Thanks Chris, Alexi, Blake and Brad for the great time.

Uncle Dave


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