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Sure Could Use Some Advice On Rigging

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I sure could use some advice on rigging this boat I made - It is an exact copy of a RC boat that was unbeatable - so It works well- but with outboard steering strut etc-- no time for that and unnecessary on this build - this boat im keeping and the only racing it will do is up and down the river - Can you guys help me figure out some hard dimensions-

its a 5/8 runner bottom for the most part- it is all carbon fiber and kevlar - 2x6 stringers transom to bow tapering all the way forward- boxed in with a nose bulkhead and the one in front of drivers feet-
boat is 15 ft 2 inches - and 16 ft exactly if you add the 10 inches of plates sticking out
Engine is 1500 hp blown injected alky- all cast iron so its heavy but mostly to retain heat was the reasoning
3 fuel tanks since its a riverboat - 8 gallon stainless steel tank up under the wing is main tank feeding the mechanical 110 pump- 2 side tanks are 15 gallons each stainless as well- going to run a standard holley mechanical pump off cam that pulls fuel from both tanks into center tank- center tank has 2 return lines at top of the tank - 1 on both ends of the tank that will let fuel go back to side tanks and keep 8 gallon tank full while boat is running - i have a weight concern all of a sudden- little boat with massive cast iron engine and 38 gallons of fuel-- will this be ok??
since there is no data on this short of a boat

Should i set the engine first ? and work on keeping the CG correct - where would the CG be best - usually of turn fin- but i dont have a location for that either ???


Do i work from the strut being placed first ?

I thought i knew what i was doing building this thing- but im about 30 days away from rigging this boat and i have no solid plan together

im just looking for some ideas gents - not wanting to nail anyone down on this - I just dont have the experience to know what will possibly work and what definitely will not - so any advice sure would be appreciated -my goal is to have minimal holes in the bottom when i finally get it dialed in - as you can see i spent tons of time with the graafix on this project - its all gelcoat too--not done in the mold - 1 color at a time - never again!!!


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Drop the Boat, the Engine, any other parts you have and a 10 lb box of $10s at Bergeron's in Mesa, and he will hand you back a complete Lake Monster.
Hello, I do not have answers for your hardware placement and I see this is over a year old. But I think you have a really cool boat here with an insane amount of work in it. Interesting bottom graphics and all gel coat. I assume you have made progress since this post and likely have the boat running by now. Interesting bottom design and overall length. Thank you for sharing. Darin
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