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Thanks Premiere Golf Carts!

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I just want to give them a big thanks for the quick service of our golf cart.
Seems we had a battery cable fry. JD came out last week picked it up within hours of us leaving town. Just got the call he is dropping it off at our place, making sure its parked were we want and its covered. We now have 6 new batteries, had the brakes checked, fixed a wind shield issue and filled the tires with air. We told them we were coming back for the 4th, they assured me it would be back by then, and it actually is.
Thanks Again- Premiere
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Their service is great, Mike over there has treated me very well everytime we have had dealings.
Yep...JD took care of my golf cart also.:)devil
They have got to be the friendliest and most honest people in town.
They have got to be the friendliest and most honest people in town.
Can't believe JD drives from Fort Mohave everyday.
It's always good there.
Never heard of them bending anyone over like All American or Parker Battery routinely does.
Usually it's a several day turnaround at Premier.
But if they can give you Duck service they will.
That's Duck in and Duck out.

Well worth the drive from Parker.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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