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Thatguy are you doing ok with those fires up in Redding?

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Everyone living up in nor cal, wash, oregon, Idaho and any one that has fires around them. Hope everything is okay in your neck of the woods. Good luck
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My sister in Whitmore (near Redding) is only 25 miles away from that Manton fire, luckily it seems to be traveling in the opposite direction. Seems like there are fires everywhere right now! Jocko
We were at Shasta from Aug. 23 - 25. Smoke was bad in the mornings but lifted some by afternoons. Held off until Saturday Morning to hit the water and the smoke was the worst. Couldn't see 1/4 mile. Did clear some by 2 PM. Fires were not close to lake but North and East 25 miles or more. Lake level was good for August - down about 60' - but has been over 100' in prior years.
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