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The Blue Water Resort & Casino 71st Annual Thanksgiving Regatta Presented by Nick Ros

The 2017 Blue Water Resort & Casino "71st Annual Thanksgiving Regatta" presented by Nick Rose Insurance
November 24 & 25

Championship Sprint Boat Racing returns to The Blue Water Resort & Casino. For 71 years the Southern California Speedboat Club has been hosting powerboat races on the Colorado River in Parker, AZ. Classes set to participate in this years regatta are; Jr. and Sportrsman Limited Hydroplanes and Runabouts, Sportsman Extreme Flatbottoms, GPS100 Flats, Unblown Flats, K Racing Runabouts, Crackerboxes, Grand Nationals, Comp Jets, Formula Lights, Classic Endurance and Mod VP Classic.

This event is fun for the whole family. Admission is free to the public. Please park above in the Resort parking lot.

Racing starts at 9:00 am both days.

This event will be livestreamed at Surfrat.

To make reservations, please call (888) 243-3360 or Blue Water Resort & Casino

For all updates and information, please visit: Home Page | SCSC Racing

Questions, please contact Ross Wallach (310) 318-4012 or [email protected]
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