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What a bunch of scumbags. I hope they get the death penalty. I believe Slink was one of the investigators on this. Good job Jeff.............

Couple guilty of torturing and killing 11-year-old

10:19 PM PDT on Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Press-Enterprise

Jurors found Raul and Cathy Sarinana guilty of abusing, torturing and murdering their 11-year-old nephew, Ricky Morales, who died in a closet on Christmas Day 2005 while the family sat down to a holiday meal.

Both defendants sat impassively during the announcements that they had been found guilty of murder with a torture enhancement and a separate count of child abuse resulting in death.

Some of the murdered boy's relatives sobbed and others called out, "Very good!" and "Yes!" as the verdicts were read Thursday in Riverside County Superior Court.

Raul Sarinana, left, and Cathy Sarinana hear the verdicts read against them. They were convicted in the 2005 death of their nephew, Ricky Morales.
After the verdicts were read, a knot of family members gathered around hugging an emotional Rosa Sarinana, mother of Ricky, in the hallway.

"I wanted her bad," Rosa Sarinana told relatives, referring to Cathy Sarinana. "We got her!"

After a trial spanning nearly two months before separate juries, a jury of six men and six women took about 2 ½ days to reach a guilty verdict for Raul Ricardo Sarinana, 42. That verdict was reached Tuesday but sealed to avoid the possibility of influencing the jury deciding Cathy's case.

The 11 women and one man on the jury for Cathy Lynn Sarinana, 32, decided she was guilty in little more than a day.

The trial's penalty phase begins Wednesday to determine if the couple should be sentenced to death or life without parole. The Sarinanas could also face trial in Washington, where authorities have said they plan to prosecute them in the death of Ricky's older brother, Conrad Morales, 13.

Attorneys for Raul Sarinana said he had anger problems and did not mean to kill Ricky.

Rosa Sarinana, center, cries as the verdicts are read in Riverside Superior Court on Thursday. Raul and Cathy Sarinana were convicted of first-degree murder with the enhancement of torture in the death of Rosa Sarinana's son.
"Looking at the body of Ricky, it's pretty hard to say that you could find any redeeming value in a person who could do something like that," Richard Swanson, one of Raul's two attorneys, conceded after the verdicts were announced.

But he added that his client showed remorse in several ways that he will point out in the penalty phase -- covering Ricky's body with a blanket, turning himself in to police, and crying when he admitted what he had done.

It wasn't a cold, calculated murder, so Raul should be spared the death penalty, Swanson said.

Conrad went to live with the Sarinanas and their two young children in rural Washington in 2004 after his mother was jailed and other relatives couldn't care for him. Ricky joined the family a few months later.

After Conrad disappeared in August 2005, his aunt and uncle told authorities and others he had run away with an older gay lover. In October the family moved to Corona.

Prosecutors in Washington state want to try the couple for the death of Conrad Morales, left, Ricky's brother.
Raul Sarinana called police the day after Christmas to tell them he had hurt and possibly killed his nephew Ricky while trying to discipline him at the family's Belle Avenue duplex.

Investigators found Ricky's body covered with bruises, abrasions and marks that looked like cigarette burns and scars from an electrical cord. A pathologist testified that some injuries were days or weeks old.

Police found Conrad's body one day later, encased in concrete in a trash can in the Sarinanas' carport.

Deputy District Attorney John Aki contended that the couple repeatedly hurt both boys and lied to hide the abuse. After Raul beat Conrad to death, Aki said, the Sarinanas planned to kill Ricky so he wouldn't reveal the killing and abuse.

Cathy Sarinana's attorney said his client was a victim of Raul's abuse and did not help torture or kill Ricky.

Most family members did not want to speak about the case, but Mary Del Hierro, a relative on Ricky and Conrad's father's side, said the verdict left her "happy and sad, because we lost on this side and that side, too."

Reach Alicia Robinson at 951-368-9461 or [email protected]

Staff writer Sonja Bjelland contributed to this report.

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No, let them go to jail and let the inmates do the torturing on them. To kill them would be to kind!!!
I second that, the "justice" system will actually work this time once they get put away. Inmates don't take kindly to people like this, and if the wardens turn a blind eye even better. I hope it is a slow and painful execution of these people!!! People like this have no right to continue living, IMO.

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Why sentence them to death? Sure, they deserve it, but this pussy state will never implement the sentence. Hell, the state hasn't even greased the night stalker yet, and that scum's crimes were committed over 20 years ago.
To sentence ANY murderer to life is an insult to all involved, and a travesty of justice. Even if they are tormented a little in prison, they are still alive. Kill 'em all....quickly.
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