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Looks like he is going to try an expander as a fix? It is raised foundation and iron drains so if not he says he needs to cut out the old one and we are back to $250. He said the new one will be iron and last another 30 years which I like.

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Plumber's question. What do you think it should cost, in CA, to replace the flange that the closet bolts hook to?
$25 and an hour of your time.

Go to hardware store.
Buy replacement repair flange ring, without the pipe portion.
Buy screws apropriate to screw new flange down with.
Buy new wax seal (I always use the one with the funnel)
Buy new set of closet bolts
Buy pretty covers for bolts if you want them
Go home
Turn off toilet water.
Flush toilet and hold handle down untill tank drains as much as possible.
disconnect water line and closet bolts.
Lift toilet straight up and sit into bathtub.
clean up all of old wax seal.
screw new flange down to floor over old broken one.
Tip toilet backand clean old wax residue off bottom arround dfrain hole
Install new seal and new closet bolts
Lift toilet up and sit carefully down straight atop new seal
push down firmly, slight rocking/twisting motion helps.
tighten bolts down, do not break toilet
reconnect water line, turn water back on,

You are done.

Did this sort of a thing for over half of the 1990's.

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Assuming it's a typical leaded-in cast iron flange, I would let the guy set a new one. Spanner repair flanges are cheap, temporary fixes. You'll likely have the problem again in year or two when the rest of the flange rusts away. $250-300 is about right for a pro to do it. Good luck.

source: years of back breaking plumbing repair.:)st
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