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Tom Scahill Twin Turbo System "SALE PENDING PAYMENT"

Complete Tom Scahill Twin Turbo System all freshly polished.
Sale includes everything to bolt on to a long block and go!
rayjay turbos that make around 15lbs of boost at 6200rpm
3 turbos included in sale 1 needs new oil seal all the fins are perfect in all of them but i would just go ahead and have the 2 that are on there freshened up and keep the one for a spare...Scahill said he'd do it for $300.

Included in sale ...

Polished Holley Strip Dominater Single Plane Intake Manifold
3 rayjay turbos
Tom Scahill Intercooler with cupronickel core
Tom Scahill Carb Box
BBC Polished Exhaust Logs
Boost Referenced Holley 850 DP that was just all dialed in by The Carb Shop in ontario about 6-7hrs of run time...and they did an amazing job
Water Jacketed Turbo Shields.
Tubes that go from turbos to intercooler.
Exhaust Portion that goes from standard exhaust log to turbo's.
Water Jacketed Exhaust Elbows.
Custom Stainless 3.5" Tubes that go from Exhaust Elbows to transom that will bend to join transom tips that would be located where a stock log and snail would meet up that cost me $400 to have custom made.
All the New -16 & -10 AN black fittings & stainless steel plumbing "turbo system related only" that are almost new
All the New Black Turbo intake and exhaust hoses
All the New stainless steel T-Clamps
All the new brass fittings and tubing for boost referencing

$3500 for everything... I'll even throw in the valve covers and billet breathers if you like them!

This system....
Starts right up with 30* locked out timing.
Idles smooth.
Sips gas at cruising speed.
Is extremely quite.
& Produces a lot of power at high RPM's.

Parts are located in Torrance, CA.
It's all still on my boat and my back is injured but can be removed within 1 week if need be.

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