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Too cold to boat in Wa?

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We are recently arrived in Washington after a year in Korea (Air Force). I am going to look at a boat today after being on the hunt for while. We sold our last boat before leaving for Korea, and we are keen to get back on the water but where do we go? Texas was hot and every lake was a potential destination; here in Tacoma I am getting word that it will always be too cold to enjoy any of the water west of the mountains. Will we really have to pack up and head east every weekend to find a raft-up? How far do we have to travel from home to find warm sun and warm water? Chelan? Moses? Banks? What about Riffe and Mayfield south of Olympia, are they too cold or too small?

I'll keep reading, but any recommendations/advice are appreciated!
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Welcome to the site and Washington and thank you for serving our country.

Post up what type of boat you are thinking about. I don't think there is a better place to have a boat than Washington (other than the weather;))

Once we know what type of boat, we can give you all kinds of ideas.......john
I drove an hour yesterday to look at a 26' Wellcraft Excalibur bowrider (502MPI/Bravo 1) but the guy sold it before I arrived. I am interested in cruising the lake with friends, rafting up with like-minded folks and finding the cove/sandbar/beach to park and enjoy the sun and good company. I don't know if the type of boat makes much of a difference in these scenarios, but you can sorta see what I am looking for I think.
Sounds like a nice boat. I'm a little boat guy so I'm not gonna be much help but I will offer the is the hangout for the bigger boat gang local to you.

Patyacht here also might be of help. Good luck and let us know what you end up with for a boat......jihn
We boat from May to October if the weather is with us, maybe June thru August if not. :D
It was a very nice boat at a great price, which is why it got bought out from under me. I am actually not looking for something quite that large; I am trying to get into a 23-footer or so but the market around here seems to run to pocket cruisers and rollbar boats. It is looking like we will have to drive a few hours to get to the good lakes so I may have to expand my search to something on which we could sleep...
Alder, Mayfield are great lakes. Cushman is beautiful. Tapps gets crowded on the weekend.
Eastern WA, Chelan is one of our favorites (though can get really ruff in the afternoon from the wind), Banks, Roosevelt, Moses & Potholes. All great lakes (though depending on the time of year, Potholes can have shallow spots, don't ask me how I know :D).

Lots a great boating and I'll open myself up here and say, the salt water is the best. Just takes more cleaning when you get home......
, Potholes can have shallow spots, don't ask me how I know :D).
I tried to warn you last year that my Depth Finder was picking up spots in the middle of Potholes as shallow as 8". Jet Boaters!!!;):D:)hand:)hand
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