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Took the Hydro out.

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Took the red Hydro out Friday to CFW. Good times!

Thanks to Ray for giving Debbie the ride of her life in in the blown Alky hydro.
Also for showing me where to go. Thanks Andy for all the help.

Turned 6100 RPM fastest. That comes out to 120 MPH at 0 slippage, 108 MPH at 10%, 102 MPH at 15%.

Still has plenty left, just starting to fly good when I lifted. But like Andy said, "Crawl, then walk, THEN run!"

Sorry we did not make it back Saturday, but I found out I have to leave Monday for work, so we went on home to get ready.

See you guys next time!
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It was nice meeting you and Debbie Fri. Your boat looks and runs great. Hope to see you guys soon. Bill
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