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Hi Bob,

I have a 1969 ski boat. I don't know the make. It looks like a Schuster Tahiti lo pro. But the aft end looks like an 18 foot Tahiti. I can't find any other boat that looks the same. Anyway, I had the boat repowered with a Mercury Pro XS 150. Started with a 14.5 23 P 3 bladed prop. It wouldn't do more than 5,350 RPM. Mercury said try a 21 P 4 blade. My dealer had a 20 P and had me try it while they order a 21 P. It over revs the 6,000 red line. So, I'm waiting for the right size to come in. My problem is that the boat struggles to get to 55 MPH at 6,000 RPM.

I can't put a jack plate on because there already is about as much weight as possible on tne transom.

Any ideas?

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