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Toyota Camry are they really good tow cars for a Caribbean 14ft Fiberglass sea sprite boat as im was thinking of my 1st ever Camry car

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greetings my friends
as you knew im thinking of getting my 1st ever toyota Camry for the use as a tow car for my Caribbean Sea sprite V14 Fiberglass boat as im thinking of getting a Camry sedan say the 2012 or earlier models as im really needed was your Advice on these cars are they are really good tow cars for a small 14ft Fiberglass boat that i own thiswas a Caribbean Sea Sprite Fiberglass boat as thiswas my 1st boat as im seeking your views on the Camry sedan from the year 2010 and later on sedans as thiswas really be my first ever Camry as im as well too im thinking of the Subaru forester from the year 2000 and later on say in the later cars im thinking of buying in future as thiswas really a need to learn what my opts was are in future can you tell me are the Camry was a really good car same said of the Forester too and as well the Subaru outback wagons from the year 2019 and later on and earlier too these was the cars im thinking of buying in future as you knew thiswas really my 1st car was really the Camry as thiswas really my 1st car and 1st tow car for my fiberglass Caribbean Sea sprite boat its a 14ft fiberglass runabout boat do you think the Camry can tow this boat in future same said for the earlier Camrys as well too just needed was your help on this in future my good friends
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