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Let me say thank you for everyones continued interest in our powerboats. The question was asked, "what happened to Trick Powerboats?".

The recent economic recession and the ongoing economic recovery has dramatically changed the landscape of the marine industry. For us, it has impacted the lending side of the business. While our boats continue to be in high demand, the current banking practices make difficult for potential buyers to obtain financing. As we continue to do custom fiberglass work, rigging and mold construction for other companies, we have temporarily suspended manufacturing. It's certain that in the coming months the economy will continue to improve and lending practices will become more favorable. Exactly how long that will take is unknown. Trick Powerboats has not gone away, we are simply waiting on the economy to recover.

As we make plans to introduce new models and explore even better ways to manufacture our powerboats, we look forward to a very bright future.
Best Regards,
Jeff Haag

Trick Powerboats
Lexington, Kentucky

[email protected]
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