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Hey guy and gals,
Some of you know me but not all. The ones that do know that I compete in ski racing. Well for the past 2 years I have been driving for one of the best skiers in the world in the women F2 class. This is a class that uses a single outboard on a 21' v bottom hull. Well we are going to Australia in September to compete at the world championships. Each team member has 55 raffle tickets that we have to sell to raise our portion of money to make this happen. Raffle tickets are $100 and tax deductible. The prizes are damn good though.
1st - $10,000
2nd - $5,000
3rd - $1,000
4th - $1,000
5th - $1,000
If anyone would like to buy one, send me a pm. Here is a link to a little info.
I hope I dont get in trouble for putting this on here.
Thanks everyone,
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