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Here are 2 Holley HP 950's from PC Carbs. These are their "OUTLAW" series that were set up for marine use. They have not been used and are mint.

Adjustable air bleeds
Notched floats
Bigger needle & seats
All black powder coated with Chrome hardware
1 to 1 linkage

$600.00 each

Polished Dart tunnel ram for a tall deck big block chevy
Top plate is set up for dual Dominators
Runners & plenum have been cleaned up

1 brand new harwood fiberglass scoop (no tray)

Call Howie If interested

I will be out of town for a week so don't PM or ask questions. :)

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Big Block tall deck intake.

Hello. That intake is very nice but I don't need polished one (even though its beautiful). I'm working on a budget, mostly due to medical bills, but i really want to get this car together if I can. I've had it 15-20 yrs or so. It's Malcolm Durhams Strip Blazer IX. I have lukemia and am doing ok for now but the bills are eating me alive. If you could do a bit better, I'd love to have it. I have carbs on a std intake but the motor is tall deck 638(bought that a bunch of yrs ago too), Spacer kits seem to leak, or so I've been told. Thanks for considering me. Tommy:)hand
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