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Hi guys..Over the past year I have been working on improving the lights I had made already. The old ones work well, but just like anything else, everything could be improved...Well here they are. The housing is 3/4" shorter and lighter.(1-1/2" tall x 5" round) The led's are high quality 50 watt CREE chips. I now also include a controller box to regulate the power. It may be a little bit more hardware, but I feel it is a better setup. Before the wire was regulating the power, now there are separate drivers to control them. Everything will be labeled and ready to go. Check them out. If you are interested I will have another 2 sets ready to go by the end of the week. The price did go up a little since the parts cost more. The price is $350..Blue only now. These can be made with a wireless remote setup for $50 more. Just wire the controller box to your battery and your done.
Send me an email if your interested.
[email protected]
Thanks Marc


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