I’m loosing my shop and a sizable accumulation of performance BBC and V-Drive parts need to be sold

Misc hot boat parts, mostly BBC V-drive

Various BBC front mounts:
Purple powder coated, 21 1/4” inside stringer $60
Jet boat style $50 SOLD
Flat with fuel pump window $75
With front timing cover $100

Various BBC rear mounts:
Purple powder coated $60
full bell housing with motor mounts $80

Casale 10* gears 1:1.25% $200. SOLD

Rewarded headers with cooling lines $450

Many more parts to follow:
Castle 12* v- drive. SOLD

6-71 GMC blowers, plus manifold and drive

Shotgun scoop-brand new in box. Plates and air filters for single or dual carbs. $100

Dan Olsen scoop for dual 4150 Holley carbs SOLD

Clear lexan valve covers SBC $40

Blower belt guard $65

Contact Mike @ 360-910-3451 trying to load pics.