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vizio lcd

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how wrong can i go spending $1600 at costco for a vizio 55" 1080 lcd at costco.

anyone have one of these ??

anything significantly better for under $2k??

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I just bought one. So far so good. Its only been about a week.
I have had a 42 and a 37 for a few years not with not a problem on either.
I bought a 37 a couple of years problems at all.
They have some great online deals as well:

Please call us at 1-877-UR-VIZIO (1-877-878-4946) or click on the ADD TO CART icon to take advantage of this offer!

Get this 42” LCD HDTV for only $749.99 plus FREE shipping!*

*Offer valid from 6/26/2009 - 7/6/2009. This is a exclusive offer and only available while supplies last.

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Your gonna have a bunch of people on here in a bit saying they aren't good and the quality sucks but I've had 2 (a 47" and a 32") for over 2 years now and they've been great. I get a lot of compliments on the picture quality too.
I have a 23" LCD in the trailer and its a nice unit:)
I have a 42 in our bedroom for several years no issue's.....Cant go wrong who fix's TV's anymore? & why unless it was big bucks or special.....
how wrong can i go spending $1600 at costco for a vizio 55" 1080 lcd at costco.

anyone have one of these ??

anything significantly better for under $2k??

Just bought the same TV about 3 weeks ago for my kids (spoiled little brats), no problems at all, i also bought one for my room no problems there either.
We got the big one they were selling awhile back.. I think It's 57?

Either way it's been trouble free for about a year now.

we have a 50" and 42" plasma. Been great
Watchin a 42" LCD right now, and love it. Next will be a 47 120hz LCD
We have a 50, 42, 37, 19 and all work great...had a problem once with the 42 about 10 months into it and they came out brought a new one set it up and said no charge....can't go wrong imo....
I just bought the 47" 120hz. about a month ago. IMO best t.v. for the buck. I wasn't looking to spend a fortune for a spare t.v. I've been very happy with it and don't have 1 single complaint sound and picture are great.
Ladanian Tomlinson says they're good, so they must be!;)

have a 52 in the living room and a 47 (plasma) in the bedroom trouble free for 3 years now and a 22 LCD in the kitchen and garage.
I was gonna get two 50" Panasonic Plasmas (same as I have on the bedroom wall) for the garage. Ended up with two 47" Vizio LCD 120hz. Costco had them for $1159 ea, so I couldn't pass them up. Especially for the garage ;)
They've been really good for several years now.
The early one were fussy but that's all behind them now.

The brand to avoid now is Westinghouse sold through Wall Mart.
They quickly overheat and the bulbs burn out/fade out real easy.
Word is spreading and the prices are dropping.

How much were the big Sony Bravias at COSTCO?
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