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Duel on the Brazos Host Hotel is
Best Western Waco North
1502 Interstate 35 N, Bellmead, TX 76705
(254) 799-1766
They have blocked 40 rooms from now to May 10th.
Room rate is 89.00 per night ask for SDBA rate
Free Continental Breakfast
There are numerous things going on in Waco that weekend please book as soon as you can.

Also, please spread the word on the new Lake Racer Class to anyone you feel would be interested. Details are below.
Attention Racers: As was discussed at the annual membership meeting, SDBA is forming a new class called "Lake Racer". It is designed for anyone who has a lake boat that would like to see how fast it will run as well as getting to actually compete in a race. Here is what is required:
Lake Racer Class-requirements
· Rope guard, lanyard kill switch, life jacket, helmet, long sleeves, long pants, shoes and goggles if helmet is not full face
· $150 entry fee, no SDBA membership fee required
Receives 1 Driver band, 3 Crew bands and 1 Vehicle pass per race
· Limited to 80 mph
· May move up to RR before 3rd round of qualifying, but must pay to become SDBA member and will earn points: entry fee will be applied to RR entry

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I couldn't get the rules to download on the website, can outboards run Lake Racer?
Copy and paste from the website. Lake Racer

Beginner Racers!

If you have a lake boat and want to see what it's like to

run down the liquid quarter mile, then you're in the

right place. Run your boat in our Lake Racer Class

and make as many passes as you want over the

weekend, with no eliminations. Bring all your buddies

who want to race, to see who's quickest and fastest!

To run in this class, you will need the following:

* rope guard (deflector)

* lanyard kill switch

* life jacket

* helmet

The Lake Racer class costs $150 for the weekend;

· does NOT include association membership.
· $150 entry fee, no SDBA membership fee required for one race season, each racer receives 1 Driver, 3 Crew and 1 Vehicle pass per race
During the race, if you decide you want to race in a

Sportsman class, we will apply your Laker Racer entry

fee towards your SDBA membership, and you'll start

earning points toward your Sportsman class


The Lake Racer Class is limited to

boats 80 mph or slower. Please call or email if you

have any questions.

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Waco Race Rescheduled....


Here is the "UNOFFICIAL / OFFICIAL" status of the upcoming race in Waco..

I met with city staff at the park yesterday and they are all good with whatever we want to do as it relates to the park. The river is about a foot above normal but the current makes it... in my opinion unsafe in the event a boat went down and difficult to manage the equipment that we put into the water.

I spent time on the phone with a 30-year staff member with the Corp of Engineers that monitors the flow of water coming out of the watershed and lakes above Waco and his opinion was that given the fact that Lake Aquilla (between West and Hillsboro) was over 5' above normal level and that Lake Waco was at almost 3' over normal, he stated that it would be at least 10 days or more before the current at Brazos Park East would be back to "normal." Lake Whitney discharge was not of concern as their release would be minimal at the current time, however, if more rains pour into the area West of I-35.. North of Waco, it could affect the current in the river.

After contacting the City and with tons of phone calls to Rae Beth who was in contact with the board, it is decided that the race is RESCHEDULED for JUNE 5-7, 2015.

The Board of Directors is aware that some may have conflicts with graduations, etc., but I can assure you that their interest is to give you a race in this area so that you can be ready for Wheatland and the rest of the schedule that follows....

Yvonne Tucker​ is working on the "OFFICIAL" Notice that will be sent out by Group E-Mail later today or in the morning.

There are other events happening in Waco that weekend in June so please go ahead and make your reservations. Rae Beth will be contacting the host hotel later today to see if they will honor the same rate for the alternate date so give her some time to negotiate that for you before you call.

I hate that it has to be moved... but I think that the Board is looking out for the best interest of all of those involved by making this decision this early. You'll have to admit.. it's way better than already being on the way here and having it cancelled or getting set up and having to cancel during the weekend.

Please call Randy Ball or Rae Beth if you have any questions and please SHARE this post and call those that you might know who were making the pull so that their plans can be changed accordingly.

See you in 3 weeks....
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