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i have 8 very good arias 030 bbc only a few hrs on them.w tool steel pins for 250.00 plus ride.if you dont like them return for full purchase price refun .rods are 1 set 502 stock mint cond.250.00,both for 400.00 plus ride,
also have6,385 rods w l19 bolts 10 hrs 400.00
454 block gen 5 steel crank,alum t cover gear drive,
ill go block,pan ,brand new comp solid rollers ,crank, 502 rods,arias 030 over blower wheel /flex plate.alum mounts f/r bell housing,sumit ballancer and a hi torque starter for 2100.00 plus ride,throw in a cam and oil pump,and you will have the lower end done all stuff is mint or a refund,block has a real lite scratch i a bore , dirt on skirt ?
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