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Watch your trailers fellas

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I think god hates me, it's rained every weekend for weeks. Couldn't go boating last weekend(left a week ago friday) because of disneyland. Got up at 6am yesterday and drove straight through to slc so I could hit the lake today.....not:|err:|err:)st At least I know what that noise was while towing back from the lake now. As far as repairing this.... I was going to bolt it back up with one 3/8" grade 8 bolt and then hit it with the welder. Any thing special I need to know about trailer welding. I think the only rod I have is some 6013, and 409 stainless. Should I use the 6013??
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Glad you made it home with no damage.

That reminds me of a boat I bought a few years ago. Towed it 900 miles home, and then 300 miles to the lake the next weekend. Got to the lake and backed the boat off the trailer. Wife pulled the trailer out of the water and the bunks were still floating in the lake. There was nothing holding the bunks, or the boat setting on them to the trailer except dumb luck.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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