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Hello everybody. Long time reader but I just joined this website last year. I hang out on and SundayDriveRacing, but there aren't many Boat people there. I am Vamodsquad, but wasn't able to get that name here.
I used to have a Cole V-Drive back in the late 80's, early 90's. VA482 used to be my old Boat number.
Always been a Drag Racing fan. Muscle cars used to be our daily drivers, then I got into Boats, then I got into old Harley Davidsons. Still have an old Shovelhead, but I don't ride it much anymore. People texting and driving will do that to you.
Hoping to get another T-Deck, V-Drive while I still have some life to live. It's a dying sport, but I had the most fun with my Boat than any of my other hobbies, except pretty Blonde haired women !

Thank you,

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