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They threatened to picket at a local boys funeral who died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

I just got back from the line of people along the route. Patriot riders are here (I went up on my Harley so got to be an honorary member for the day I guess). Looks like a parade route with the amount of people lining the streets.

The downtown road used on route to the cemetery was lined with every football player from his old high school in their jerseys holding a full size flag every 20 feet on both sides of the road. I was extremely impressed. I'll post pics if I can get some uploaded.

Westboro was no where to be seen. Even if they did show up they would have been completely unseen by the sheer number of people.
Those assholes give religion a bad name and fodder for the left to attack all Christians. Funny, I don't see them protesting Muslims for stoning to death accused adulters or honor killings of innocent young women. They are the lowest of scum.
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