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Do you have a picture that is not so close? pic of the intake and pic of the bowl and these dudes will tell you all you everthing you ever wanted to know about it.
Yep, only 2 different intakes (well, 3, the A/B/C, the E/F/I, & the "R" (isn't the R a low-profile one guys?)), 2 differnt bowls (the "B" (split bowl that a separate nozzle bolts to) and the C/E/F/I which has a nozzle cast in, the "R" is a split too I think.

The "I" is really just a newer E-pump, the factory diverter that made an "F" is long gone.

The "R" is the new production race pump.

All the bowls interchange onto intakes, all the split bowls take standard nozzle hardware, interchangeable, all the outlet hardware like diverters fit all the nozzles and 1-piece bowls, massive jigsaw puzzle where most of the pieces are swapable.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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