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whats in your bow?

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here's a lil story, ive owned my sanger for about five years now. i run it about 10 times a year maybe more if the weather right or someone wants a ride. well, ive always noticed these lil packing peanuts/popcorn come out from somewhere everytime ive taken it out. so, I changed my steering set up from a rotary to a rack set up and im looking around under the bow and find a few more of these nuts/corn. i decide to pull the upolstery panel off from under the bow & WALLAH! the whole bow was filled with these things. it looked as if i ran a packaging company under there.
i also found a lil water. these use to be in 2x3 ft. bags that have deteriorated & letting this stuff loose all up under there.
i pulled every single piece out & restuffed them back into trash compactor bags and stuff them back under the that leads me to my question, whats under your bow? do you think that these would actully help your boat float from sinking? or just keep the bow eye up making it easier for the vessel recovery team? ive seen the mythbusters episode with the ping pong balls & had that runnin thru my mind when i did the clean!
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Seen everything from styrefoam popcorn , inner tubes ,flat green "beach balls" "blow in constuction foam" and recently a live cat ;) Gunslingers, Rogers had the remains of thousands of foam BB's etc etc floatation as you suggested or thought is the key ! these boats had testing standards (sinking swamping etc) the manufacturers had to submit to for the various length and size mine has "air" :D
btw took days but we caught the cat
I still have to get that crap out of there Tom. I can only imagine how annoying it would be on the water with all those little bb's flying around. LOL:D
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