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I do.....

We were at the Advantage Regatta, staying at the Nautical Inn, the first time they launched that thing. We saw it in the parking lot and met the "shop foreman" for Monster Garage at the Inn. I had never heard of Monster Garage prior to seeing this, but became a big fan soon there after.

They were launching it that weekend to test it out prior to the shoot which was to happen the following week. If I remember correctly, when they did the shoot, they broke the driveshaft or something, and had to be towed through the channel......

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That thing is rad! One of my favorite episodes for sure. They launched it in the channel with Shadows old boat.
If had extra cash to burn Id buy it!

That was a fun day,got to drop anchor in the Channel tie up to the skool bus
drink some beer with Jesse James while the police kept everyone away and be on tv for about 3 seconds.Thanks to John West
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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