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did some work to the money pit today and yesterday with my son. almost done and lake ready. there were 2 small pieces of wood for the floor in the engine compartment that were starting to rot so that got repaired asap. new deck plates etc for the engine floor and replaced the 2 for the fuel tank. what pisses me off is that the original ones were not even sealed so why have them! anyways the new ones got a dose of 5200 sealant so they won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

treated the floor after the repair with the raptor bed liner material. I was skeptical at first to use it but decided to give it a shot. glad I did, then painted over it with high temp white. going to finish the transom paint this coming winter as I didn't want to take all the crap off the transom so winter project.

outdrive pump re-installed

also installed 2 battery boxes. going to add another battery and switch rather than just having a single battery. never can have enough juice to get you going.

got the headers back on. need to replace the water pump impeller as a precaution. just easy and cheap insurance.

graphics are getting done this summer too. also going to attempt to paint the trailer next winter. graphics and trailer are going to match the truck with a little bit of tweaking. will be nice and can't wait.

tomorrow its getting a bath and vacuumed out with a treatment for the interior.
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